From research to affirmative care.


Our team at Healthcare Allies of Massachusetts Corporation have been pouring through the latest research about LGBTQ+ health to understand the unique medical needs of the diverse individuals in our community. Additionally, we are researching the types of discrimination against LGBTQ+ people in healthcare. By doing this, we are providing the evidence that providers need to provide better care for our community.

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By partnering and developing relationships with physicians and mental health care providers in 
our community, we are personally assuring that these are the most empathetic and affirmative providers in the area. We partner with people who we really believe in and people who are well-educated on issues that matter to us, so we can trust them with caring for our local LGBTQ+ community.


We are developing an evidence-based educational program for health providers in our community so that they know how to serve their LGBTQ+ patients with empathy and cutting-edge care. We are using data from all the latest studies available on LGBTQ+ health to educate providers about our community’s unique medical needs. For example to address the effects of minority stress on our population, we included evidence-based strategies for physicians and therapists to use in these situations. As another example, to address the unique reproductive needs of our community, we give providers resources and best practices for having these conversations.

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We're in the process of creating a database of the providers we have trained to be LGBTQ+-affirmative health experts in Massachusetts. Soon you can visit our website to find a provider in your area who will understand your needs. We hope that this will take the stress out of visiting a new provider because you can rest assured that they will welcome you, treat you with respect and understanding, and address your unique health needs as an LGBTQ+ person.